footwear selection, podiatry, brandon

Podiatry clinic in Brandon gives Top 10 Footwear Selection Tips

footwear selection, podiatry, brandon

Podiatry clinic in Brandon gives Top 10 Footwear Selection Tips

There are so many shoes to choose from, but how does one go about finding the best pair of shoes for healthy feet. At the Gentle Foot Care Clinic, Dr. Rajnish Manohar knows exactly how to find the best shoes for you and some helpful tips when making your selection. He has podiatry offices in Brandon and Zephyrhills Florida, so if you are having some sort of foot condition, he may ask you about the shoes you wear when you come in for a visit. In order for you to make the best selection possible in footwear, Dr. Manohar has these top 10 tips.

When choosing shoes bear in mind these points:

  1. Measuring your feet
    Have your feet measured in a standing position as your feet can alter in length and width from a sitting position. The end of the day is the best time to shop, as your feet often swell throughout the day.
  2. The right shoes for the right activity
    Select shoes that are appropriate to the activity you wish to utilize them for. Do not hesitate to ask for guidance from the shoe store.
  3. Heel Support
    Heel counters are the collar that relax the heel, they need to be firm to provide support.
  4. Wiggle room
    The toe box is the area where your toes sit. This has to be adequate to accommodate our toes but not too roomy so as to trigger our toes to slide around and grip the shoes.
  5. Not too tight or loose
    Shoes stay on the foot and offer better support with some type of attaching system such as laces, buckle or velcro. They shouldn’t be so tight that they cause excessive rubbing or so loose that they can fall off.
  6. Keep safety in mind
    Examine your soles. Soles can be developed to resist slips and secure your feet from heat, slit, and electrical shock. Consider this especially when selecting shoes for work.
  7. The dryness factor
    Wick away the moisture. If you have a problem with excessive moisture in your feet, buy leather uppers lined with moisture-wicking lining to keep your feet dry. This will assist prevent blisters and corns.
  8. The right fit
    The most essential thing naturally is a shoe that fits correctly. Be sure your foot has enough room in the toe box. There must be a thumbnails width (or about a half inch) between your toes and completion of the shoe. The shoe must be large enough in the toe that your toes can move freely. Your heel needs to not slip, and the shoe ought to not pinch or bind, specifically throughout the arch or sphere of your foot.
  9. Take your time
    Do not shop when you are in a rush. Be sure to walk around the store for a few minutes on a difficult surface area. If the shop has an objection to this, find another store. You deserve the effort to discover the right shoe for you and maybe spending a couple of extra dollars.
  10. The trial period
    Wear your shoes a couple of days to try them out. If the shoes are not going to work out you will wish to exchange them prior to scuffing them up outside.

When should you get new shoes?

Especially for those who go walking for extended periods, its suggested that you monitor how many miles you have actually placed on your shoes, and replace them every 300 to 600 miles. (If you are wearing very lightweight shoes, are overweight, or you are hard on your shoes remain towards the low end on mileage.) To extend the life of your shoes make certain to just use them only for your walks. Likewise rotating two pair of shoes will certainly give them time to “recuperate” between long walking periods.

Follow these tips the next time you are going shoe shopping. If you would like more helpful footwear selection tips or need to treat a foot condition, call Dr. Rajnish Manohar at his Brandon office (813) 502-5904 or in Zephyrhills (813) 782-3233. Alternately, you can submit a request by clicking the button below to schedule an appointment.

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