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Coronavirus Causes Foot Pain?

Stretching during Coronavirus

We are in the midst of a pandemic, an event that most of us have never seen before.  Our activities have changed significantly.  Some of us are taking long walks and applying pressure to the feet that is different than usual.  We may be using old worn-out shoes that are not providing support.  And many of us are walking barefoot around the house resulting in injuries. 


Pain with Increased Walking

Some of us were using a gym and then they closed for several months so we turned to walking.  Some of us were sedentary but had to get out of the house and began walking.  While walking seems harmless, having the proper shoes is very important.  We are seeing pain in the ball of the foot, heel pain and even stress fractures from walking.  These problems have occurred mostly because people are wearing shoes that are not meant for walking or shoes that have lost their support.  To prevent injury before and while walking here are some suggestions.  Make sure you warm up your muscles before walking.  Do some stretches of your legs and glutes to get those muscles ready and to prevent injury.  It is important that you wear supportive running shoes and athletic socks.  Walking can put significant stress on the whole body and foot support is key to avoiding problems with added stress to your body. Also, gradually increase your distance to avoid any foot or ankle strain.


Walking Barefoot in the House and Outside

There is no need to wear shoes as we are just hanging around the house.  But beware, this is causing injuries.  We are seeing people hitting their feet on furniture and items on the floor resulting in injured toes and even fractures.  People are also walking in the back yard barefoot or running to the mailbox and steeping on objects that cut into their skin and become lodged in the foot.  These “foreign bodies” are causing pain and infections if they are left untreated.  We suggest that you wear shoes most of the time to avoid these types of injuries.


Diabetes Foot Complications

There are a number of factors that are leading to foot problems in those with diabetes.  We are seeing people becoming stressed and they are seeing increased blood sugar numbers from this and from stress eating.  When you combine increased blood sugar with the problems noted above, people with diabetes are at risk for sores and ulcers that can lead to complications.  If you develop a red spot, blister or ulcer, please call your podiatrist immediately for an appointment.  Those with diabetic neuropathy are at increased risk.  Be kind to your feet!


At Gentle Foot Care, we are here for you during these difficult times.  We are taking extra precautions for everyone's safety.  Please know that we are available if you develop any foot or ankle problems.  Of course, the earlier you treat your problems the quicker they will improve.  We have same-day appointments to help you with foot and ankle pain.

Dr. Cruz is currently seeing patients in Brandon and Zephyrhills and is offering Telehealth appointments.  The offices are taking full COVID-19 precautions. You can contact his office here.

Dr Marc Katz Marc A Katz DPM Dr. Marc Katz is a podiatrist that previously practiced in South Tampa on Swann Ave with Dr. Jairo Cruz DPM. He works closely with Dr. Cruz to create educational materials to help patients and the community. Dr. Katz is recognized as a leader in the Tampa Podiatry community for over 23 years. Dr. Katz has extensive expertise in all areas of foot and ankle medicine and surgery and is Board-Certified. He was an early adopter and is a leader in Minimally-invasive procedures and Regenerative medicine in the podiatry community. Dr. Katz has had many articles published in podiatry journals discussing his procedures and techniques. In addition, Dr. Katz has advanced training in Functional and Holistic Medicine and Nutrition. He is one of a few podiatrists that has taken advanced courses in Prolotherapy, Neural Prolotherapy and Ozone Therapy. Please enjoy the content and I truly hope that you find great benefit. Dr. Katz can be reached at For more information:

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