Brandon Podiatrist give some Black Friday foot tips while you shop


If you weren’t sure, Black Friday is today and a Brandon Podiatrist wants your feet to be happy. Podiatrist Rajnish Manohar has some foot tips while you’re walking around out there among the masses. With enough information, you can save yourself the pain of blisters or sore feet. If you’ve already got some foot pain, it might be a good idea to just wait for Cyber Monday instead.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

First, as with any walking adventure, you will be putting some mileage on your feet. Wearing comfortable shoes is going to be one of the best pieces of advice you can follow. Each footfall will cause your soles to generate friction against your shoe soles and could create some painful blisters.

Take Some Breaks

You probably are trying to get the best bang for your buck. What you’re shopping for may not be all at the same stores. You might be tempted to “power through it” and get all your shopping done in an hour. However, this might lead to some unneeded stress on your foot tendons. Get some food, take a break, and rest your feet a couple of times throughout your shopping day. You will be glad you did it and your feet will love that needed break.

Sore Feet? Soak Them

You may still have sore feet after shopping all day, so take care of them after you’ve walked all those miles. A warm salt bath is ideal when to sooth those aching feet and let them recover from all the pounding on the mall floor.

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