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Brandon Podiatry clinic offers athletes some good advice

Roughly one-quarter of all the bones in the human body are situated in the feet. When the foot and ankle bones are out of position, this can throw the rest of the body out of alignment.  While 75 percent of the population might experience serious foot problems, it’s usually not a hereditary matter. A lot of foot issues simply occur from overuse during activities or not properly taking care of your feet. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to painful foot problems and are one of the most common areas neglected when being active.

Your feet mirror your basic health. Conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, nerve, and circulation problems can show their first signs and symptoms in the feet. So foot disorders can be the first sign of more serious medical problems.

The very best workout for your feet? Walking. It contributes to your general health by improving circulation, adding to weight control and promoting overall wellness. Walking generally causes less shock to the joints that running.  If you do have joint problems you can turn to elliptical machines, bikes, and swimming which avoid weight-bearing.

Brandon Podiatry clinic can help you get relief from these common foot problems

First, realize that a variety of general foot problems can be triggered by intense physical activity, consisting of:

Brandon Podiatry clinic wants you to look out for these signs

If left unattended, many of these foot problems will worsen and become harder to treat. In addition, you may need to stop activities until some of these conditions heal. Come visit Dr. Jairo Cruz at his Brandon Podiatry clinic if you notice any of the following:

You want to keep your feet healthy and comfortable, therefore follow these simple foot suggestions:

In conclusion, please contact Dr. Cruz today at his Brandon Podiatry clinic. You can reach out to his office by phone at (813) 502-5904 or use this convenient scheduling form.

Dr Marc Katz Marc A Katz DPM Dr. Marc Katz is a podiatrist that previously practiced in South Tampa on Swann Ave with Dr. Jairo Cruz DPM. He works closely with Dr. Cruz to create educational materials to help patients and the community. Dr. Katz is recognized as a leader in the Tampa Podiatry community for over 23 years. Dr. Katz has extensive expertise in all areas of foot and ankle medicine and surgery and is Board-Certified. He was an early adopter and is a leader in Minimally-invasive procedures and Regenerative medicine in the podiatry community. Dr. Katz has had many articles published in podiatry journals discussing his procedures and techniques. In addition, Dr. Katz has advanced training in Functional and Holistic Medicine and Nutrition. He is one of a few podiatrists that has taken advanced courses in Prolotherapy, Neural Prolotherapy and Ozone Therapy. Please enjoy the content and I truly hope that you find great benefit. Dr. Katz can be reached at For more information:

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