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Orthotics to ease foot pain

Orthotics for painful feet

Orthotics are used for many patients to ease foot pain. Orthotics treat a range of biomechanical foot conditions. People walk and sometimes a person’s foot is not functioning as designed. As people walk, the weight of the body is not correctly transferred and distributed due to a misalignment. As a result, discomfort and tenderness can develop in the foot, ankle, and the surrounding muscles. People wear orthotics to relieve pain by straightening and supporting the ligaments and bones of the foot correctly. Finally, the foot works as it is supposed to work.

Companies Make Orthotics Out of What?

Companies make orthotics from any number of materials and variety considerably in regards to cost, effectiveness, and ease of schedule. Easy orthotics, such as the shoe insoles and gel heel cups sold in general product stores, are economical and widely available. These non-prescription orthotics can alleviate mild foot discomfort by taking excess pressure off of delicate areas of the foot. They are relatively inadequate, however, at dealing with moderate to more severe foot disorders.

Patients may need to take the next step-up in orthotics. A special company makes custom-tailored gadgets that are created to meet the requirements of a particular individual. Dr. Cruz prescribes such orthotics after an impression of the foot, called a cast, has been made. Next, the Dr. makes the impression in order to determine those areas of the feet that are out of position. The doctor sends the cast to an orthotic laboratory. A custom-made gadget is produced to fix any misalignments. The patient wears the orthotic and it is then fitted to help keep the foot correctly aligned.

You should consider that perfectly aligned feet are uncommon. Almost everyone stands to benefit from making use of an orthotic device. Orthotics can seldom trigger harm to the foot. When patients use orthotics, it can prevent and ease any number of foot disorders. Furthermore, disorders like these cause discomfort, tiredness, or pain in individuals who are otherwise happy and healthy. Dr. Manohar can identify the level to which your foot is maligned. This identification will help you choose the right type of orthotic best suited for your foot.

You might benefit from an orthotic if…

How do you understand if you may require an orthotic? First, you must think about the following signs:

Get Your Orthotics Today at your local Brandon Podiatrist

In conclusion, if you have one or more of these symptoms, you may be a good candidate for an orthotic gadget. Bear in mind that pain is your body’s method is signaling you that something is wrong. Aching feet are no exception to this rule. Ignoring pain can intensify problems and lead to much more serious disorders. Therefore, it is important to discover the underlying cause for your foot discomfort. Contact Dr. Cruz at (813) 502-5904 to set up a consultation for a preliminary test and learn if orthotics are right for you. Alternatively, you can use this easy scheduling form.


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