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Welcome to Gentle Foot Care Clinic, the podiatry practices of Jairo B. Cruz Jr, DPM. Dr. Cruz is no longer affiliated with his previous practice in South Tampa and has now opened his own practices. Dr. Cruz is well known in the Tampa Bay Area having practiced in South Tampa for many years originally with Dr. Marc Katz on Swann Avenue. He is known for his compassionate care. He is accepting new and previous patients at his offices in Zephyrhills and Brandon. Because of Dr. Cruz’s expertise, he draws patients from the whole Tampa Bay area.

Dr. Cruz is committed to doing what is best for each and every patient. He will treat you with respect and will always be ethical when it comes to treatments and billing your insurance. Dr. Cruz prides himself on being honest and truly presenting you with the treatments that are best for your unique problems and issues! He opened his own practices to assure that you will get the best possible treatment available while maintaining your trust. In addition, Dr. Cruz has specialized expertise in sterile environments for your safety.

Dr. Cruz treats all foot and ankle problems for adults and children of all ages. He takes a conservative approach to most conditions but is a competent surgeon should the need arise. He is known for his minimally-invasive procedures that get you back to your activities more quickly with less risk. In addition, Dr. Cruz offers Regenerative medicine treatments to allow your body to heal itself naturally. He will only offer you treatments that he believes are in your best interest and safe for your particular foot and ankle problem.

Some common foot and ankle conditions treated by Dr. Cruz:
Heel Pain and spurs
Ingrown Nails
Ankle and Foot Sprains
Morton’s Neuroma
Corns and Calluses
Fungal toenails
Athletes Foot

If you are having a foot or ankle problem, call Dr. Cruz’s office today for the rapid relief of your problems.

Brandon Office:
1107 Lithia Pinecrest Rd., Brandon, FL 33511
Appointments: 813-502-5904

Zephyrhills Office:
38192 Medical Center Avenue
Zephyrhills, FL 33540
Appointments: 813-782-3233

Dr Marc Katz Marc A Katz DPM Dr. Marc Katz is a podiatrist that previously practiced in South Tampa on Swann Ave with Dr. Jairo Cruz DPM. He works closely with Dr. Cruz to create educational materials to help patients and the community. Dr. Katz is recognized as a leader in the Tampa Podiatry community for over 23 years. Dr. Katz has extensive expertise in all areas of foot and ankle medicine and surgery and is Board-Certified. He was an early adopter and is a leader in Minimally-invasive procedures and Regenerative medicine in the podiatry community. Dr. Katz has had many articles published in podiatry journals discussing his procedures and techniques. In addition, Dr. Katz has advanced training in Functional and Holistic Medicine and Nutrition. He is one of a few podiatrists that has taken advanced courses in Prolotherapy, Neural Prolotherapy and Ozone Therapy. Please enjoy the content and I truly hope that you find great benefit. Dr. Katz can be reached at marckatz61@gmail.com For more information: https://marckatzdpm.com/

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