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A Brandon Podiatrist suggests some foot safety tips for your kids

One Brandon Podiatrist wants you and your family to have the safest school year possible. Almost every kid and teenager deals with corns, calluses and blisters occasionally. They trigger severe discomfort, but at the same time, they are easily preventable. The major cause for all them is friction in between the skin and foreign objects.

Corns for the Dancers

Dancers experience corns. They are painful bumps on the toes. Locations affected with corns end up being hard and the skin becomes thick. The skin surrounding it ends up being yellow and it resembles a soft ring surrounding it. The skin in the center is a gray color. They form on the toes mostly and appear because of tight shoes, which apply lots of pressure on the toe region. The rubbing of the shoes causes the problem. In this case, a more comfortable set of shoes need to be selected. Corns take a longer time to disappear. A doughnut shaped pad can be used in the shoe to prevent friction. Pads with salicylic acid are likewise highly recommended. If the corn is hurting badly, Dr. Manohar should be spoken with.

Calluses for the Gymnasts

Many people suffer calluses after shoveling or raking leaves. The signs are that the afflicted location develops difficult skin and resemble that of corn. Repetitive application of pressure will thicken the solidified skin which has a yellow or grayish color. In some sense, it in fact acts as a defense layer. Gymnasts and guitarist typically are victims of callus. Gymnasts form them when working with irregular parallel bars and guitar players develop them when having fun with the strings constantly. Once they are formed, calluses make their job simpler. Gymnasts can swing on bars more quickly and guitar players can play the guitar well.

Calluses when formed on the foot, specifically on the sole, can be very agonizing with every step. They form on the ball or the curved part of the sole, which follows the toes. In some cases they can also form the heel or on small toes. To prevent calluses, it is advised to avoid tight fitting shoes and shoes with high heels. Both of them put a lot of pressure and stress on specific points. The callus can be soaked in lukewarm water and then it ought to be rubbed with a pumice stone. This will eliminate the dead skin.

Blisters for the Bikers and Runners

Blisters are usually caused when a brand-new set of shoes is worn. Basically they are triggered by pressure and rubbing. Also they are formed more quickly when compared to calluses. The skin appears to have some watery fluid inside it and can appear anywhere on the hand or the feet. The best method to avoid them is to wear protective equipment such as gloves when doing strong work, like while shoveling and even when driving a cycle or a bike. If the blisters aren’t looked after in the initial stages, they grow even more to form calluses. This can happen when the exact same set of shoes is used daily, which caused the blister in the first place. Blisters heal by themselves over a period of time. They ought to be cleaned frequently and kept tidy & covered with a plaster.

In case of corns, calluses and blisters, the best approach is prevention when compared with treatment. First of all, protective gear, like work gloves or grips, should be used when doing exhausting tasks. Tight-fitting shoes ought to not be used to avoid corn and calluses. The podiatric community states that the feet are of the maximum size in afternoon. So it is suggested to shop for shoes in the afternoon. Also try on the shoes done prior to deciding on the final pair. A particular set of shoes shouldn’t be worn on a routine basis. Shoe pads can be worn to prevent the pressure.

This Brandon Podiatrist knows gentle foot care

Safety is everything. You can avoid those calluses and blisters by taking the right steps. If there’s an issue with your child’s feet, please get in touch with Dr. Rajnish Manohar at his Brandon Podiatry office. Call us now at (813) 502-5904 or use this form to schedule an appointment.

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