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One short toe? A Brandon Podiatrist can help.

Brandon Podiatrist Rajnish Manohar provides solutions to foot problems every day. Podiatrists call one condition brachymetatarsia. Brachymetatarsia is a condition in which one of the 5 long bones of the foot (the metatarsals) is abnormally short, resulting in a shortened toe. This condition typically happens in both feet (i.e., bilaterally) and in the fourth toe. When the condition impacts more than one toe, then the condition is called brachymetapody.

Reasons for Brachymetatarsia

For the most part, brachymetatarsia results when the metatarsal development plate closes too early. Once the development plate closes, the bone can no longer grow. A genetic element or by injury to the foot causes this which leads to a metatarsal development plate fracture.

Physiology of Brachymetatarsia

A shortened toe can cause numerous problems. During walking, the weight usually is moved from the fifth toe to the 4th, then to the 3rd, and so on till it reaches the first toe (hallux). This happens due to the fact that the toes are slowly longer and as weight is moved to the forefoot, the next longest toe assumes the weight. Brachymetatarsia disrupts this procedure.

If the fourth toe is shorter than the fifth toe, it never ever assumes the body weight and can not move it to the 3rd toe correctly. As an outcome, the fifth and 3rd toes receive additional weight and discomfort develops in those areas. An abnormally short toe likewise tends to wander up, which frequently triggers issues with shoes.

Treatment for Brachymetatarsia

Conservative treatment includes wearing shoes with additional depth to permit more room for the shortened toe. Padding can assist secure the toe from pressure and friction from the top of the shoe, which may cause ulcers. Dr. Manohar uses orthotics alleviate pressure under the other toes.

Doctors perform surgery to extend the short toe in many cases. First, the doctor cuts the short metatarsal. Next, he grafts a piece of bone between the two ends. When the graft heals, the metatarsal and toe are the proper size. Most of the time, the toe’s extensor tendons and the surrounding skin likewise should be lengthened to accommodate the fixed toe.

An extremely short metatarsal may make grafting difficult. In this case, doctors shorten the two metatarsals flanking to correct the arc of the toes and bring back the foot’s capability to transfer weight sequentially.

Following surgical treatment, all weight should be kept off the surgically repaired foot for 3 months. After this period, the client uses a snug-fitting lace-up shoe (e.g., oxford, tennis shoe) for about 6 weeks.

Newer treatment includes using an external gadget, which is connected to the metatarsal with pins. Therefore gradually drawing out the bone to the proper length.

Find relief at your Brandon Podiatrist

In conclusion, the many conditions that affect the feet sometimes have an easy solution. Brandon Podiatrist Rajnish Manohar has decades of experience in giving you the relief you need. His company slogan is “hobble in…walk out”. For this condition Dr. Manohar may refer you to an orthopedic surgeon if surgery is required. If you would like to set up an appointment at the Gentle Foot Care Clinic, please call (813) 502-5904. Another way to get in touch is by using our scheduling form.

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Rajnish Manohar

Dr. Rajnish Manohar, has more than 20 years of healthcare experience.

Dr. Manohar has been in private practice as a Podiatrist in Zephyrhills since 2001, treating Foot and Ankle Pain including Diabetic Foot Pain and Neuropathy, as well as, providing routine Diabetic Foot Care.
Dr. Manohar is board certified by the American Board of medical specialties in Podiatric Medicine. He is a member of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. Dr. Manohar resides in Temple Terrace, Florida.
Dr. Manohar specializes in treating foot and ankle pain, Plantar Fasciitis and Heel spurs, Neuromas, Peripheral Neuropathy, Ingrown toenails, Non healing wounds, corns, calluses, Warts, Cysts, Toenail fungus.
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