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Hikers get some foot tips from Brandon Podiatrist

There are plenty of nature opportunities in sunny Florida, but many hikers will seek out some higher ground. As brilliantly colored leaves impress the fall landscape, hikers and hunters nationwide will move to mountains, woods and fields, however numerous, unfortunately, are not prepared for the beating their feet will take.

“Hikers, hunters and others who like the outdoors typically do not realize how laborious it can be to stand up to continuous, vigorous walking on unequal terrain,” said Dr. Rajnish Manohar, a Brandon Podiatrist in Florida. Dr. Manohar stated lax physical conditioning and inappropriate footwear bring droves of outdoor lovers into his office. Each patient had issues related to foot and ankle problems. These included persistent heel discomfort, ankle sprains, Achilles tendonitis, fungal infections and severe blisters.

Warm up before a long hike

“Walking up and down steep hillsides and tramping through wet, slippery fields and wooded locations puts tension on the muscles and tendons in the feet and ankles, especially if you haven’t warmed up properly before beginning a long hike,” stated Dr. Manohar. “Likewise, numerous don’t recognize that cross-training athletic shoes aren’t the best choice for extended hiking and hunting. Had some of my patients used durable, well built hiking boots, they wouldn’t have suffered sprained ankles or strained Achilles tendons.”

Proper Footwear

Dr. Manohar advises hikers and hunters to make the investment in high-grade hiking boots. He said strong, well insulated and moisture-proof boots with steel or graphite shanks provide exceptional ankle and foot support that assists lessen tension and muscle tiredness to decrease injury threat. “The supportive shank decreases stress on the arch by permitting the boot to disperse effect as the foot moves forward. So if a boot flexes in the middle, don’t buy it.”

Weather Considerations

In damp and cold weather, wearing the right socks can assist prevent blisters, fungal infections and frostbite. Dr. Manohar suggests synthetic socks as the first layer to keep the feet dry and minimize blister-causing friction. For the 2nd layer, wool socks include heat, absorb moisture away from the skin, and assist make the hiking boot more comfy. “Wool lets moisture vaporize more readily than cotton, so less blisters form,” added Dr. Manohar.

What do you do if your feet or ankles hurt throughout a hike or hunt? Dr. Manohar stated discomfort generally takes place from overuse, even from simply walking. “If you’re not accustomed to walking on sloped or unequal ground, your legs and feet will get tired and cause muscles and tendons to hurt,” he described. “To prevent a serious injury, such as a severe ankle sprain or an Achilles tendon rupture, rest for awhile if you begin feeling a lot of pain.”

Dr. Manohar likewise advises coming into his Brandon or Zephyrhills office if there is an extreme amount of foot or ankle discomfort following a hiking or hunting trip. “I’m most worried about ankle instability and strained Achilles tendons. Negligence to these issues at their early stages might cause a major injury that will keep you off the routes for a very long time,” Dr. Manohar stated.

Get in touch with Dr. Manohar today if you’re planning a hiking trip and you’re concerned with any foot problems. He has podiatry offices both in Brandon and Zephyrhills. Please get in touch and schedule an appointment by callingĀ (813) 502-5904. Alternately, you can use this convenient scheduling form.

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Rajnish Manohar

Dr. Rajnish Manohar, has more than 20 years of healthcare experience.

Dr. Manohar has been in private practice as a Podiatrist in Zephyrhills since 2001, treating Foot and Ankle Pain including Diabetic Foot Pain and Neuropathy, as well as, providing routine Diabetic Foot Care.
Dr. Manohar is board certified by the American Board of medical specialties in Podiatric Medicine. He is a member of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. Dr. Manohar resides in Temple Terrace, Florida.
Dr. Manohar specializes in treating foot and ankle pain, Plantar Fasciitis and Heel spurs, Neuromas, Peripheral Neuropathy, Ingrown toenails, Non healing wounds, corns, calluses, Warts, Cysts, Toenail fungus.
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