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Brandon Podiatrist talks about athlete’s foot

Professional athlete’s foot isn’t serious, but in some cases it’s difficult to treat. However, if you have diabetes or a weakened body immune system and suspect you have athlete’s foot, you should call your Brandon Podiatrist Rajnish Manohar at the Gentle Foot Care Clinic.

What is professional athlete’s foot?

Athlete’s foot– also called tinea pedis– is an infectious fungal infection that affects the skin on the feet. It can also infect the toenails and the hands. The fungal infection is called professional athlete’s foot due to the fact that it’s typically seen in professional athletes.

What triggers athlete’s foot?

Professional athlete’s foot takes place when the tinea fungi grows on the feet. You can capture the fungus through direct contact with an infected person, or by touching surface areas contaminated with the fungi. The fungus grows in warm, damp environments. Therefore it’s commonly found in showers, on locker space floorings, and around pools.

Who is at threat for professional athlete’s foot?

Anybody can get professional athlete’s foot, however certain behaviors increase your danger. Aspects that increase your danger of getting professional athlete’s foot consist of:

  • checking out public places barefoot, particularly locker rooms, showers, and swimming pools
  • sharing socks, shoes, or towels with a contaminated individual
  • wearing tight, closed-toe shoes
  • keeping your feet wet for extended periods of time
  • having sweaty feet
  • having a minor skin or nail injury on your foot

What are the symptoms of professional athlete’s foot?

There are lots of possible symptoms of professional athlete’s foot. For instance, some might include:

  • itching, stinging, and burning between your toes or on soles of your feet
  • blisters on your feet that itch
  • breaking and peeling skin on your feet, the majority of typically between your toes and on your soles
  • dry skin on your soles or sides of your feet
  • raw skin on your feet
  • blemished, thick, and crumbly toenails
  • toe nails that pull away from the nail bed

How is professional athlete’s foot identified?

Dr. Manohar may diagnose athlete’s foot by your symptoms. However, he may also perform a skin test if he isn’t sure a fungal infection is causing your symptoms.

A skin lesion potassium hydroxide examination is the most common test for athlete’s foot. Therefore Dr. Manohar will remove a small area of contaminated skin and places it in potassium hydroxide. The KOH destroys normal cells and leaves the fungal cells untouched so they are easy to see under a microscopic lense.

How is professional athlete’s foot dealt with?

Athlete’s foot can often be treated with non-prescription (OTC) topical antifungal medications. However, if OTC medications don’t treat your infection, Dr. Manohar may recommend topical or oral prescription-strength antifungal medications. He may also suggest home treatments to help clear up the infection.

Some OTC medications can help with athlete’s foot. There are many OTC topical antifungal medications, including:

  • miconazole (Desenex).
  • terbinafine (Lamisil AT).
  • clotrimazole (Lotrimin AF).
  • butenafine (Lotrimin Ultra).
  • tolnaftate (Tinactin).

Prescription medications.

Some of the prescription medications Dr. Manohar might recommend for athlete’s foot consist of:.

  • topical, prescription-strength clotrimazole or miconazole.
  • oral antifungal medications such as itraconazole (Sporanox), fluconazole (Diflucan), or prescription-strength terbinafine (Lamisil).
  • topical steroid medications to decrease unpleasant swelling.
  • oral antibiotics if bacterial infections develop due to raw skin and blisters.

Your Brandon Podiatrist can help you with Athlete’s Foot

In conclusion, the folks at the Gentle Foot Care Clinic are standing by to help you with practically any foot ailment. Dr. Rajnish Manohar is a board-certified Brandon Podiatrist that has decades of experience in keeping your feet healthy and pain-free. Furthermore, if you would like to set up an appointment with Dr. Manohar, simply call him at (813) 502-5904. His staff will work to get you an appointment that is convenient for you. If you would like to contact the Gentle Foot Care Clinic via email, you can using this scheduling form.

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