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Back to school Brandon Podiatry shoe shopping tips

Brandon Podiatry has never been more important because it’s time for a new generation of little feet to hit the sidewalks. You have probably done most of your back-to-school shopping, but parents around the country are preparing to help their kids put their finest foot forward with new shoes.

The American Podiatric Medical Association recommends moms and dads learning the many designs and style trends in children’s footwear to keep in mind that convenience needs to always precede. Dr. Rajnish Manohar has some helpful tips when shopping for shoes for your children.

Shoe-shopping tips

  • Shop later in the day.
    Feet expand when you walk on them, so they tend to swell throughout the day. Therefore, it’s best to purchase shoes in the afternoon or night, when your children’s feet have increased in size as much as they’re going to.
  • Always measure the feet.
    Every shoe fits differently, and sizes have the tendency to differ by design and brand.
  • Take socks.
    If your children aren’t wearing socks currently, take an extra set. It’s important that your children try out shoes with the very same type of socks or stockings they’ll use with the shoes.
  • Take a look at the shoes for quality.
    Initially, examine the heel to make sure it is stiff. Press on both sides of the heel; it needs to not collapse. Then, check toe versatility. The shoes ought to bend with the toes; they should not be too stiff or bend too much. Lastly, you also want to see if the shoe is stiff in the middle. It shouldn’t twist when you try to twist it.
  • Buy for the bigger foot.
    It is common for one foot to be larger than the other, so make sure the shoes fit both feet easily.
  • Pick shoes that do not require a “break in” duration.
    The shoes you purchase ought to be comfortable instantly. If the shoes are too tight or pinch the toes, your kids might wind up with corns, calluses or blisters.

The APMA advises against bying far shoes from an older sibling. Just because a set of shoes fits one child comfortably does not suggest it will fit another kid the same way. In addition, hand-me-down shoes can spread out professional athlete’s foot and other fungis.

Brandon Podiatry and the Gentle Foot Care Clinic

In conclusion, come to the Gentle Foot Care Clinic in Brandon for an appointment with Dr. Manohar. His Brandon Podiatry office is located right off of Lithia Pinecrest Blvd. in Brandon. You can reach him by phone at (813) 502-5904 or you can use this contact form to schedule your appointment.

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