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When to see your Brandon Podiatrist?

Your Brandon Podiatrist treats many different foot-related ailments. You may not even know you need to come into the Gentle Foot Care Clinic until things get really bad. Dr. Manohar wants you to live pain free so you should be proactive about your pain and get some relief fast. We have a list of possible symptoms that you can use to point out when its time for a trip to our office.

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Serious Pain for More Than 24 hr.

This is especially essential if you have actually just had surgery. Do not be afraid to call Dr. Manohar. If there is a problem, it is better to deal with it sooner instead of later on. Possible issues could be an infection, tight dressing, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or compartment syndrome. There are numerous treatment options for dealing with pain, however the initial step is to determine what is causing the discomfort.

A Defect That Advances Suddenly

One example of such a deformity is Charcot arthropathy. Charcot is a problem that can take place when you have diabetes. Signs and symptoms include discomfort, redness, and a hot, swollen foot. Charcot can lead to the bones breaking and slipping out of place. If left untreated, the bones might recover in a bad position triggering a foot deformity. You ought come to the Gentle Foot Care Clinic right now.

A Flat Foot

If you notice that a person foot seems flatter than the other, this could be an indication of tendon dysfunction or even rupture. A tendon that does not work appropriately can lead to the bones not being lined up and this can cause arthritis in the joints. If you treat the tendon issue early, this might avoid damage to your joints.

A Lump or Bump That Grows or Gets Painful

A swelling or bump that is getting bigger and is painful ought to be looked at by Dr. Manohar. It may end up being a type of cyst, but there is likewise a possibility it might be something more serious such as a tumor. Growths in the foot are unusual however do in some cases happen.

Foot Discolorations

For the most part, both of your feet must look alike. If one foot is a lot various color than the other, there might be an issue. Soreness might be an indicator of an infection or gout. A blue or purple color may indicate a vein problem. Brightness or paleness (pallor) might suggest reduced blood flow. If you have these color modifications, you need to see Dr. Manohar.

Pins and needles, Burning, and Tingling

These three things can be signs of neuropathy, which can cause reduced sensation in your feet. Diabetes is among the lots of things that can trigger neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is a condition that requires to be seen by Dr. Manohar. Having neuropathy puts you at increased danger of establishing foot ulcers.

Foot Discomfort With Elevated Legs

If you have discomfort in your feet when you are depending on bed and the discomfort disappears when you dangle your feet off the side of the bed, this might signify decreased blood circulation or peripheral artery illness. This is a condition that needs to be attended to by a few different doctors. You may begin with a podiatric doctor, however you may likewise require to see a vascular cosmetic surgeon.

Pain and Swelling in One Foot

If you have pain and swelling (edema) in one foot and not the other, this is not normal. There are lots of issues that might be causing the discomfort and swelling such as a damaged bone, tendonitis, tendon rupture, or infection. It is more typical to have to swell in both feet and ankles and this could be due to lymphedema.

Pain That Gets Worse With Activity.

If you have pain that gets worse with activity, this might be a sign of a tension fracture. You should not try to overcome the discomfort; you ought to see Dr. Manohar. If you deal with a stress fracture early, you can hopefully prevent more major problems such as a stress fracture that will not heal or that develops into an actual damaged bone.

A Wound or Aching That Does Not Recover

If you have an open aching on your foot or ankle, head to the Gentle Foot Care Clinic. This is particularly essential if you have diabetes because it generally takes you longer to recover. You have a better possibility of healing if you are seen by Dr. Manohar right now and treatment is begun. If you have had an open sore for a long time, your chance of getting a skin or bone infection (osteomyelitis) increases.

Being proactive about your foot health is key to living a pain free live. You may have some ailments that require continued maintenance and constant checkups. Dr. Rajnish Manohar can help you maintain your foot health so that you can enjoy those walks in the park or the beach without care or worry. Contact Dr. Manohar at his Brandon office at
(813) 502-5904 and set up an appointment with one of his staff. You can also use this easy to use contact form to get in touch via email.

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Rajnish Manohar

Dr. Rajnish Manohar, has more than 20 years of healthcare experience.

Dr. Manohar has been in private practice as a Podiatrist in Zephyrhills since 2001, treating Foot and Ankle Pain including Diabetic Foot Pain and Neuropathy, as well as, providing routine Diabetic Foot Care.
Dr. Manohar is board certified by the American Board of medical specialties in Podiatric Medicine. He is a member of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. Dr. Manohar resides in Temple Terrace, Florida.
Dr. Manohar specializes in treating foot and ankle pain, Plantar Fasciitis and Heel spurs, Neuromas, Peripheral Neuropathy, Ingrown toenails, Non healing wounds, corns, calluses, Warts, Cysts, Toenail fungus.
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